Workshop 2 - Privacy risk assessment, management and monitoring at enterprise, program and processing level - 15 October 2019

In this workshop, participants will learn what the risk-based approach means and how to apply such approach in practice, understand how to effectively carry out a risk assessment at enterprise, program and processing level, know when and how to carry out a DPIA, and learn about different monitoring and verification mechanisms and what auditors are looking for in a privacy audit.
Your takeaways: 
  • You understand how to apply the concept of the risk-based approach in practice; 
  • You understand why, when and how to conduct a risk analysis at the enterprise, program and processing levels;
  • You know when and how to perform a DPIA;
  • You can identify and categorize risks associated with the processing of employee and customer data in a variety of situations;
  • You are familiar with various types of monitoring and auditing and their governance;
  • You know what internal and external auditors are looking for and how to prepare effectively for a privacy audit.
Monday, May 27, 2019 - 12:00
Privacy in Practice